102 Years of Broadway Presenter Materials

Downloadable Logo Artwork
Radio Spot Assets
Video Commercials (Broadcast Ready)
WARNING: We do not recommend trying to view these commercials in your web browser. Do not just click on these links; download the assets first, and then view them from your local computer or broadcast set-up.
Each of these pieces do not have an end slate identifier. It is the responsibility of the market recipient to add their venues, contact information, ticket purchase, etc. to add to the last 5 seconds of these spots.
It has been our experience with local cable operators that common broadcast AVID systems have no issues seeing these files. It is recommended that you download the latest Quicktime Pro Plug-In if there are any issues viewing the assets. These are broadcast-ready files created in Final Cut Pro (Apple Computer), and are intended for users who are savvy in the arena of video editing and commercial broadcasting.